Trade Credit Policy

The Neverending Bookshop is partially a used bookstore, and therefore relies heavily on the surrounding community to bring in books. The shop buys books for store credit every day, no appointment needed. The credit is kept in a database in the store. Customers with store credit may use their credit to pay for 50% of a used book purchase and 15% of a new book purchase.

We buy Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Young Adult, and Children’s books. We also selectively buy Non-Genre Fiction, History, and Biography. We do not buy any other non-fiction.

Items we don’t take: magazines, Reader’s Digest compilations, encyclopedias, dictionaries, CDs, DVDs, BluRays. As we are a small store, please limit the number of books to two or three boxes or bags at a time.

PLEASE DO NOT leave books before or after hours. These books will be donated without consideration.

Questions? Let us know: (425) 415-1945 or