2017 is our year, and yours

I know you have all read the articles about how 2016 was terrible – full of celebrity deaths and politics and global calamities and shootings. And it was a very hard year for many people I know personally. I had some hard moments, I won’t deny it. But 2016 is in the past. And 2017 is shaping up to be a different, better sort of year. Especially if you love books. And movies developed from books.

Bustle featured a wonderful article about why 2017 is a wonderful year to be a book lover. And they aren’t wrong. A lot of really wonderful books are headed our way, along with some stupendous movie adaptations. (I can tell you all I am beyond excited to see Hidden Figures soon! The book is amazing! And that’s just the beginning of the movies I’m excited about this year!) Some others, featured in that PopSugar article, are “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio, “The Circle” by Dave Eggers, and Stephen King‘s “The Dark Tower”.┬áThe 20+ book reading list you could cultivate from this list of movies is awesome and a wonderful suggested reading list to start this year out right!

It’s not just books-to-movies I’m excited about. The book industry is seeing some massive upswings, especially indie bookstores like mine. CBS News did this amazing article about how now is the time to be a bookstore. And I couldn’t agree more. Going into this new year, with all of its possible stress and strife, this is a shining light to me as a small, indie bookstore owner. That, and the adorable Bookstore Baby, who is always here to cheer me up. Even when he’s yelling at me to feed/change/play with him. ^_^

Until next time darling book nerds!