Reading parties are not just for school

As I’m typing this, the Bookstore Baby is in the background blowing raspberriesĀ and making me snork with laughter. I just thought I would paint a little picture of the store while I’m working on this blog. It’s quiet here, we’re definitely still in the post-holiday shopping slump. But I expect that every year, and I’m happy to have the free time to work on making the bookshop amazing for Bothell. One of the ways I’m changing things up is by hosting more events. Including reading parties!

I have a very strong memory from elementary school of our class “winning” an all day reading party with good behavior and classwork. We were allowed to wear our jammies to school (!!!) and bring a sleeping bag and pillow and camp out all day in the classroom reading. It was one of the coolest classroom parties I remember having while at school. As an adult I’ve heard of people hosting reading parties in their homes and elsewhere. I haven’t done it before, but I was thinking about that (long ago) memory recently. “How cool would it be to host a reading party at the bookshop?” I thought to myself.

And since I’m the owner, I decided it would be very cool. So we are. ^_^

We’ll be hosting our first reading party Saturday, January 28, at 11 a.m. Feel free to bring a sleeping bag or cozy blanket, a pillow, a mug for tea, snacks, and your latest read! Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. And, because the store is on the smaller side (see accompanying picture) we only have room for 10 people. So be sure to clear your schedule that day and sign up by calling (425) 415-1945 or emailing

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