A whole new book game at TNEBS

January 4  

Welcome to the new blog for The Neverending Bookshop! As I’m typing this, I’ve got the Bookstore Baby strapped to my chest sleeping away… I decided simply opening a used bookstore (my first business!), seeing it through most of it’s first year pregnant (then as a new mom, hence the bookstore baby) wasn’t enough of a challenge. The Neverending Bookshop is going through huge changes! Big! Enormous! Gargantuan! Chief among those changes is the new books we’re going to start carrying in the store. Small quantities at first just to see how they go over with all of you lovely Bothell (and beyond!) readers. We’ll also be able to special order that much needed novel for school or book group or just for funsies. Some other, smaller, changes: we have new hours, amended trade credit policies, and a whole new calendar set up with some new events and all of the regular ones too!

This blog is replacing the book of the day. I thought it might be more engaging to throw out fun information about the bookshop and the bookish world in general than simply posting books. Don’t get me wrong, I will still be doing that! Starting with what I’m currently reading! Today I’m reading “The Impossible Fortress” by Jason Rekulak, who is the publisher at Quirk Books (most famous for publishing Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies). It’s a brilliant Young Adult novel that follows 14-year-old Billy Marvin in 1987. I’m loving the easy friendships, the hilarious writing, and I can’t wait to handsell it to everyone who comes through the door in February! It’s publishing date is 2/7/17, so you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on a copy!